The Evolution of Spinning Wheels

Fibers Old Spinning Spinning Wheel Woman ThreadA spinning wheel is an ancient invention that was used for turning fiber into yarn or thread. The yarn or thread gets woven as cloth. The essential functions of spinning wheel is to twist and combine fibers to form a yarn or thread. The spinning wheel is widely believed to have been invented in India, although its origins are obscure. It reached Europe through the Middle East and replaced the earlier methods of hand spinning.

Ancient Beginnings

Man has always been spinning fibers for many years, as we can’t produce clothes without having yarn. Ancient Egyptians processed flax into linen and used early forms of drop spindle. Drop spindle involved a weighted stick into which yarn was wound using a twist as the spindle drops backwards pulling the thread from the pack of unspun fibers.

A lot of evolution has happened in the spinning wheel sector. Spinning wheels were among the first craft tools to be supplanted by modern machinery. Just like you may be interested to venture in any business, be it limo service or any other, the thread and yarn production sectors is equally promising, due to the current technologies.

Modern Spinning

It was a natural evolution and process that spinners invented a way to mechanize the spinning. The raw materials for modern spinning wheel are wood glue, wood, urethane, clear lacquer and some bits and pieces of metal. Some spinning wheels make use of brass as well. Wheels made from North American continent are made of native hardwoods. In most cases, spinning wheels are designed from at least three different woods, all depending on the aesthetic design preferences of the customer.


Although there is no universal spinning wheel design, the most iconic one has three splayed legs and a foot treadle, which is connected to a footman that is attached to the driving wheels to make the wheel rotate.  The driving wheel is probably the most prominent feature of the spinning wheel. It resembles a wheel with turned spindles. A thread is pulled along the outside of that wheel.