Getting Started to Wheel Spinning:-Wheel Types, Ratios, Troubleshooting and Tips on Choosing the Spinning Wheel

spinning wheelIf you are new to the spinning wheel, you need to know that spinning takes practice. The most important process is drafting of fiber and involves pulling the fibers to be spun from the bundle of fiber and thinning them down to form the size of the yarn you want to spin. The more fibers you draft, the thicker the yarn will be.

Wheel types

Spinning wheels are available in many different styles and brands. They features may basically be the same only that their designs, performance and wheel ratio may differ. Common of the types include;

– The Saxony

– Castle wheels

– Norwegian wheels

– Modern wheels

– Electric Spinners

The Spinning Wheel Ratios

Most spinning devices are equipped with the capability for different speeds that is expressed as ratios. They usually take the form of various sizes of whorls on the bobbin or flyer. The ratio determines the spinning speed as well as the thickness of the yarn. If you have a new spinning wheel, the ratio available should be included in the documentation. If you want to make a thinner and high twist yarn, use a higher ratio. Thinner yarns need more twist to hold them together. The converse is true.

Troubleshooting: How to fix common problems

  1. wooden spinning wheelWhy won’t my yarn wind on? – SOLUTION- Make sure that everything on the wheel is in the right place. The band should be properly fitted and the bobbin correctly positioned.
  1. My yarn is winding on too tightly – SOLUTION – Take the brake band off then put it back. Slowly increase the wheel tension until you can feel it pulling the yarn through the orifice.
  1. My wheel keeps going backward – SOLUTION – It is all about practice. Try treadling without any fiber on the wheel to get it going consistently in one direction.
  1. The treading is quite hard – SOLUTION – Check over the spinning wheel to make sure all the bands and hooks are moving smoothly. You may consider greasing the movable parts

Tips on choosing the spinning wheel

Choosing the best spinning wheel to purchase can be a tall order. There are so many types/models that are available on the market, and this can confuse the user on making the right choice. Below are some few tips to guide you in choosing the best device for you.

  1. Try before you buy

It is always better to have a little bit of experience with any spinning tool. If you are totally new to spinning, it may be a little tougher to figure out what features you need. Be advised!

  1. Single or double treadle

When it comes to the types of yarn you can make, it can be single or double treadle. However, the decision is purely on your comfort in spinning.

  1. New or used?

Used wheels can offer an excellent value only if they are in good shape. They can be a little bit cheaper tool. On the other hand, new ones provide a bit more security as they come with everything you need.

  1. What do you want to spin?

An experienced hand spinner can work in any setup, but some spinning wheels are less suitable for certain types of yarn. Look for a device that are a fast flyer and a large-core bobbin.

  1. What size is right?

Spinning wheels come in a variety of sizes, from small and portable to large and walking ones. Make sure you can adjust the wheel to fit you perfectly according to your height.