A Guide on Choosing the Right Spinning Wheel to Serve your Purpose

wooden spinning wheelA spinning wheel is a sophisticated machine used to turn fiber into yarn or thread. This yarn or thread is then woven into cloth on a loom. The wheel combines and twists fibers together to form thread or yarn and then gather the twisted thread on a bobbin so as to be used as yarn for the loom. The man has been spinning fibers for many centuries as woven clothes can’t be made without producing yarn or thread. Many believe the spinning process originated from old towns ┬áin China or India as early as the sixth century.

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The Evolution of Spinning Wheels

Fibers Old Spinning Spinning Wheel Woman ThreadA spinning wheel is an ancient invention that was used for turning fiber into yarn or thread. The yarn or thread gets woven as cloth. The essential functions of spinning wheel is to twist and combine fibers to form a yarn or thread. The spinning wheel is widely believed to have been invented in India, although its origins are obscure. It reached Europe through the Middle East and replaced the earlier methods of hand spinning. Continue reading

Analyzing the Various Types of Fibers used in Spinning and Textile Industry

fiberFiber is a delicate hair portion of the tissues of a plant, animal or other substances, that are subtle in diameter in relation to length. The general classification of fibers can be; Natural and Man-made. However, this classification can’t bring out the distinct fiber families hence the need for more breakdown. Textile fibers are obtained from many sources. Natural fibers include those produced by plants, animals, and geological processes. Man-made refer to the manufactured ones. The textile industry requires that fiber content be provided on content labels and should meet the safety standards for use. Below is the distinct classification of the fibers used in wheel spinning.

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How to Select a Fleece for Hand Spinning

hand spinningFleece refers to the coat of wool covering a wool-bearing animal, such as a sheep or a long-haired goat. The process of fleece selection is an daunting experience. Many factors determine how wool feels and choosing the best is key to having a superior finished product. Are you aware of the factors to look at when selecting a fleece for your next spinning project? Don’t be troubled. This guide looks at all you need to evaluate to make your selection the best and enhance your spinning work.

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Getting Started to Wheel Spinning:-Wheel Types, Ratios, Troubleshooting and Tips on Choosing the Spinning Wheel

spinning wheelIf you are new to the spinning wheel, you need to know that spinning takes practice. The most important process is drafting of fiber and involves pulling the fibers to be spun from the bundle of fiber and thinning them down to form the size of the yarn you want to spin. The more fibers you draft, the thicker the yarn will be.

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